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of Evocation
AffixLevel:30  Required Level: 27 Suffix
  • Increases Magic Missile Damage by [ 5 - 6 ]%
Item Quality For This Affix
Magic, Rare, Legendary
Itemtype For This Affix
Legendary Itemtype For This Affix
Affix Rare Prefix Name
Soul Rending, Searing, Agony, Vexing, Excruciating, Racking, Vicious, Harrowing, Cruel, Magus, Penetrating, Evoker's, Caustic, Vitriolic, Trenchant, Heartless, Tragedy, Cascade, Dissector's, Brilliant
Affix Rare Sufffix Name
Destroyer, Aurora, Solstice, Vessel, Nexus, Inception, Genesis, Descent, Shard, Dawn, Nova, Reaver, Flux, Origin, Weapon
Of Demolition
  • Reduces resource cost of Hammer of the Ancients by [ 1 - 2 ] Fury.
Lv.30 Of DemolitionLv.40 Of DemolitionLv.50 Of DemolitionLv.55 Of DemolitionLv.60 Of DemolitionLv.61 Of DemolitionLv.62 Of DemolitionLv.63 Of DemolitionLv.30 Of EviscerationLv.40 Of EviscerationLv.50 Of EviscerationLv.55 Of EviscerationLv.60 Of EviscerationLv.61 Of EviscerationLv.62 Of EviscerationLv.63 Of Evisceration
  • Increases Bash Damage by [ 5 - 6 ]%
Lv.30 Of BruisingLv.40 Of BruisingLv.50 Of BruisingLv.55 Of BruisingLv.60 Of BruisingLv.61 Of BruisingLv.62 Of BruisingLv.63 Of BruisingLv.30 Of SunderingLv.40 Of SunderingLv.50 Of SunderingLv.55 Of SunderingLv.60 Of SunderingLv.61 Of SunderingLv.62 Of SunderingLv.63 Of SunderingLv.30 Of The ManiacLv.40 Of The ManiacLv.50 Of The ManiacLv.55 Of The ManiacLv.60 Of The ManiacLv.61 Of The ManiacLv.62 Of The ManiacLv.63 Of The Maniac
  • Reduces resource cost of Weapon Throw by [ 1 - 2 ] Fury.
Lv.30 Of HurlingLv.40 Of HurlingLv.50 Of HurlingLv.55 Of HurlingLv.60 Of HurlingLv.61 Of HurlingLv.62 Of HurlingLv.63 Of Hurling
  • Increases Critical Hit Chance of Seismic Slam by [ 2 - 3 ]%
Lv.30 Of ShatteringLv.40 Of ShatteringLv.50 Of ShatteringLv.55 Of ShatteringLv.60 Of ShatteringLv.61 Of ShatteringLv.62 Of ShatteringLv.63 Of ShatteringLv.30 Of VertigoLv.40 Of VertigoLv.50 Of VertigoLv.55 Of VertigoLv.60 Of VertigoLv.61 Of VertigoLv.62 Of VertigoLv.63 Of VertigoLv.30 Of VengeanceLv.40 Of VengeanceLv.50 Of VengeanceLv.55 Of VengeanceLv.60 Of VengeanceLv.61 Of VengeanceLv.62 Of VengeanceLv.63 Of VengeanceLv.30 Of ConquestLv.40 Of ConquestLv.50 Of ConquestLv.55 Of ConquestLv.60 Of ConquestLv.61 Of ConquestLv.62 Of ConquestLv.63 Of Conquest
  • Increases Magic Missile Damage by [ 5 - 6 ]%
Lv.30 Of EvocationLv.40 Of EvocationLv.50 Of EvocationLv.55 Of EvocationLv.60 Of EvocationLv.61 Of EvocationLv.62 Of EvocationLv.63 Of EvocationLv.30 Of RuinLv.40 Of RuinLv.50 Of RuinLv.55 Of RuinLv.60 Of RuinLv.61 Of RuinLv.62 Of RuinLv.63 Of RuinLv.30 Of SlashingLv.40 Of SlashingLv.50 Of SlashingLv.55 Of SlashingLv.60 Of SlashingLv.61 Of SlashingLv.62 Of SlashingLv.63 Of SlashingLv.30 Of StrikingLv.40 Of StrikingLv.50 Of StrikingLv.55 Of StrikingLv.60 Of StrikingLv.61 Of StrikingLv.62 Of StrikingLv.63 Of Striking
  • Increases Critical Hit Chance of Arcane Orb by [ 2 - 3 ]%
Lv.30 Of SpheresLv.40 Of SpheresLv.50 Of SpheresLv.55 Of SpheresLv.60 Of SpheresLv.61 Of SpheresLv.62 Of SpheresLv.63 Of SpheresLv.30 Of Wild MagicLv.40 Of Wild MagicLv.50 Of Wild MagicLv.55 Of Wild MagicLv.60 Of Wild MagicLv.61 Of Wild MagicLv.62 Of Wild MagicLv.63 Of Wild Magic
  • Reduces resource cost of Disintegrate by [ 1 - 2 ] Arcane Power.
Lv.30 Of EntropyLv.40 Of EntropyLv.50 Of EntropyLv.55 Of EntropyLv.60 Of EntropyLv.61 Of EntropyLv.62 Of EntropyLv.63 Of Entropy
  • Increases Critical Hit Chance of Explosive Blast by [ 2 - 3 ]%
Lv.30 Of DetonationLv.40 Of DetonationLv.50 Of DetonationLv.55 Of DetonationLv.60 Of DetonationLv.61 Of DetonationLv.62 Of DetonationLv.63 Of DetonationLv.30 Of ChillLv.40 Of ChillLv.50 Of ChillLv.55 Of ChillLv.60 Of ChillLv.61 Of ChillLv.62 Of ChillLv.63 Of Chill
  • Reduces resource cost of Arcane Torrent by [ 1 - 2 ] Arcane Power.
Lv.30 Of Shooting StarsLv.40 Of Shooting StarsLv.50 Of Shooting StarsLv.55 Of Shooting StarsLv.60 Of Shooting StarsLv.61 Of Shooting StarsLv.62 Of Shooting StarsLv.63 Of Shooting StarsLv.30 Of The MyriadLv.40 Of The MyriadLv.50 Of The MyriadLv.55 Of The MyriadLv.60 Of The MyriadLv.61 Of The MyriadLv.62 Of The MyriadLv.63 Of The Myriad
  • Increases Duration of Blizzard by [ 1 - 1 ] Seconds
Lv.30 Of HailLv.40 Of HailLv.50 Of HailLv.55 Of HailLv.60 Of HailLv.61 Of HailLv.62 Of HailLv.63 Of Hail
  • Reduces resource cost of Meteor by [ 1 - 2 ] Arcane Power.
Lv.30 Of CometsLv.40 Of CometsLv.50 Of CometsLv.55 Of CometsLv.60 Of CometsLv.61 Of CometsLv.62 Of CometsLv.63 Of Comets
  • Increases Fists of Thunder Damage by [ 5 - 6 ]%
Lv.30 Of The MonsoonLv.40 Of The MonsoonLv.50 Of The MonsoonLv.55 Of The MonsoonLv.60 Of The MonsoonLv.61 Of The MonsoonLv.62 Of The MonsoonLv.63 Of The MonsoonLv.30 Of LungingLv.40 Of LungingLv.50 Of LungingLv.55 Of LungingLv.60 Of LungingLv.61 Of LungingLv.62 Of LungingLv.63 Of LungingLv.30 Of BreakingLv.40 Of BreakingLv.50 Of BreakingLv.55 Of BreakingLv.60 Of BreakingLv.61 Of BreakingLv.62 Of BreakingLv.63 Of BreakingLv.30 Of BurstingLv.40 Of BurstingLv.50 Of BurstingLv.55 Of BurstingLv.60 Of BurstingLv.61 Of BurstingLv.62 Of BurstingLv.63 Of BurstingLv.30 Of The WindLv.40 Of The WindLv.50 Of The WindLv.55 Of The WindLv.60 Of The WindLv.61 Of The WindLv.62 Of The WindLv.63 Of The WindLv.30 Of PummelingLv.40 Of PummelingLv.50 Of PummelingLv.55 Of PummelingLv.60 Of PummelingLv.61 Of PummelingLv.62 Of PummelingLv.63 Of Pummeling
  • Increases Critical Hit Chance of Tempest Rush by [ 2 - 3 ]%
Lv.30 Of ReflexLv.40 Of ReflexLv.50 Of ReflexLv.55 Of ReflexLv.60 Of ReflexLv.61 Of ReflexLv.62 Of ReflexLv.63 Of Reflex
  • Reduces resource cost of Lashing Tail Kick by [ 1 - 2 ] Spirit.
Lv.30 Of The ScorpionLv.40 Of The ScorpionLv.50 Of The ScorpionLv.55 Of The ScorpionLv.60 Of The ScorpionLv.61 Of The ScorpionLv.62 Of The ScorpionLv.63 Of The ScorpionLv.30 Of The HurricaneLv.40 Of The HurricaneLv.50 Of The HurricaneLv.55 Of The HurricaneLv.60 Of The HurricaneLv.61 Of The HurricaneLv.62 Of The HurricaneLv.63 Of The Hurricane
  • Increases Critical Hit Chance of Wave of Light by [ 2 - 3 ]%
Lv.30 Of RadianceLv.40 Of RadianceLv.50 Of RadianceLv.55 Of RadianceLv.60 Of RadianceLv.61 Of RadianceLv.62 Of RadianceLv.63 Of Radiance
  • Reduces resource cost of Firebats by [ 2 - 4 ] Mana.
Lv.30 Of The DeepLv.40 Of The DeepLv.50 Of The DeepLv.55 Of The DeepLv.60 Of The DeepLv.61 Of The DeepLv.62 Of The DeepLv.63 Of The Deep
  • Increases Poison Dart Damage by [ 5 - 6 ]%
Lv.30 Of StingingLv.40 Of StingingLv.50 Of StingingLv.55 Of StingingLv.60 Of StingingLv.61 Of StingingLv.62 Of StingingLv.63 Of StingingLv.30 Of The JungleLv.40 Of The JungleLv.50 Of The JungleLv.55 Of The JungleLv.60 Of The JungleLv.61 Of The JungleLv.62 Of The JungleLv.63 Of The JungleLv.30 Of The WraithLv.40 Of The WraithLv.50 Of The WraithLv.55 Of The WraithLv.60 Of The WraithLv.61 Of The WraithLv.62 Of The WraithLv.63 Of The WraithLv.30 Of PhantomsLv.40 Of PhantomsLv.50 Of PhantomsLv.55 Of PhantomsLv.60 Of PhantomsLv.61 Of PhantomsLv.62 Of PhantomsLv.63 Of PhantomsLv.30 Of The Black WidowLv.40 Of The Black WidowLv.50 Of The Black WidowLv.55 Of The Black WidowLv.60 Of The Black WidowLv.61 Of The Black WidowLv.62 Of The Black WidowLv.63 Of The Black WidowLv.30 Of PestilenceLv.40 Of PestilenceLv.50 Of PestilenceLv.55 Of PestilenceLv.60 Of PestilenceLv.61 Of PestilenceLv.62 Of PestilenceLv.63 Of Pestilence
  • Reduces resource cost of Zombie Charger by [ 2 - 4 ] Mana.
Lv.30 Of Blind RageLv.40 Of Blind RageLv.50 Of Blind RageLv.55 Of Blind RageLv.60 Of Blind RageLv.61 Of Blind RageLv.62 Of Blind RageLv.63 Of Blind Rage
  • Increases Critical Hit Chance of Acid Cloud by [ 2 - 3 ]%
Lv.30 Of CorrosionLv.40 Of CorrosionLv.50 Of CorrosionLv.55 Of CorrosionLv.60 Of CorrosionLv.61 Of CorrosionLv.62 Of CorrosionLv.63 Of Corrosion
  • Reduces resource cost of Firebomb by [ 1 - 2 ] Mana.
Lv.30 Of BlazingLv.40 Of BlazingLv.50 Of BlazingLv.55 Of BlazingLv.60 Of BlazingLv.61 Of BlazingLv.62 Of BlazingLv.63 Of Blazing
  • Reduces cooldown of Wall of Zombies by [ 1 - 2 ] seconds.
Lv.30 Of The LostLv.40 Of The LostLv.50 Of The LostLv.55 Of The LostLv.60 Of The LostLv.61 Of The LostLv.62 Of The LostLv.63 Of The LostLv.30 Of DominationLv.40 Of DominationLv.50 Of DominationLv.55 Of DominationLv.60 Of DominationLv.61 Of DominationLv.62 Of DominationLv.63 Of Domination
  • Increases Hungering Arrow Damage by [ 5 - 6 ]%
Lv.30 Of The PredatorLv.40 Of The PredatorLv.50 Of The PredatorLv.55 Of The PredatorLv.60 Of The PredatorLv.61 Of The PredatorLv.62 Of The PredatorLv.63 Of The PredatorLv.30 Of SuppressionLv.40 Of SuppressionLv.50 Of SuppressionLv.55 Of SuppressionLv.60 Of SuppressionLv.61 Of SuppressionLv.62 Of SuppressionLv.63 Of SuppressionLv.30 Of The Bounty HunterLv.40 Of The Bounty HunterLv.50 Of The Bounty HunterLv.55 Of The Bounty HunterLv.60 Of The Bounty HunterLv.61 Of The Bounty HunterLv.62 Of The Bounty HunterLv.63 Of The Bounty HunterLv.30 Of BindingLv.40 Of BindingLv.50 Of BindingLv.55 Of BindingLv.60 Of BindingLv.61 Of BindingLv.62 Of BindingLv.63 Of BindingLv.30 Of The GrenadierLv.40 Of The GrenadierLv.50 Of The GrenadierLv.55 Of The GrenadierLv.60 Of The GrenadierLv.61 Of The GrenadierLv.62 Of The GrenadierLv.63 Of The Grenadier
  • Increases Critical Hit Chance of Rapid Fire by [ 2 - 3 ]%
Lv.30 Of SalvosLv.40 Of SalvosLv.50 Of SalvosLv.55 Of SalvosLv.60 Of SalvosLv.61 Of SalvosLv.62 Of SalvosLv.63 Of Salvos
  • Increases Elemental Arrow Damage by [ 5 - 6 ]%
Lv.30 Of BlastingLv.40 Of BlastingLv.50 Of BlastingLv.55 Of BlastingLv.60 Of BlastingLv.61 Of BlastingLv.62 Of BlastingLv.63 Of Blasting
  • Increases Critical Hit Chance of Multishot by [ 2 - 3 ]%
Lv.30 Of VolleysLv.40 Of VolleysLv.50 Of VolleysLv.55 Of VolleysLv.60 Of VolleysLv.61 Of VolleysLv.62 Of VolleysLv.63 Of VolleysLv.30 Of ProwessLv.40 Of ProwessLv.50 Of ProwessLv.55 Of ProwessLv.60 Of ProwessLv.61 Of ProwessLv.62 Of ProwessLv.63 Of Prowess
  • Reduces resource cost of Cluster Arrow by [ 1 - 2 ] Discipline.
Lv.30 Of SplintersLv.40 Of SplintersLv.50 Of SplintersLv.55 Of SplintersLv.60 Of SplintersLv.61 Of SplintersLv.62 Of SplintersLv.63 Of Splinters
  • Increases Spike Trap Damage by [ 5 - 6 ]%
Lv.30 Of SpinesLv.40 Of SpinesLv.50 Of SpinesLv.55 Of SpinesLv.60 Of SpinesLv.61 Of SpinesLv.62 Of SpinesLv.63 Of Spines
  • Reduces resource cost of Impale by [ 1 - 2 ] Discipline.
Lv.30 Of RazorsLv.40 Of RazorsLv.50 Of RazorsLv.55 Of RazorsLv.60 Of RazorsLv.61 Of RazorsLv.62 Of RazorsLv.63 Of RazorsLv.30 Of The BoomerangLv.40 Of The BoomerangLv.50 Of The BoomerangLv.55 Of The BoomerangLv.60 Of The BoomerangLv.61 Of The BoomerangLv.62 Of The BoomerangLv.63 Of The Boomerang