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Of The Lion
AffixLevel:14  Required Level: 11 Suffix
  • +[ 12 - 17 ] Strength
Item Quality For This Affix
Magic, Rare, Legendary
Itemtype For This Affix
Affix Rare Prefix Name
Wrathful, Deadly, Wicked, Menacing, Fatal, Baleful, Brutal, Strong, Supreme, Daring, Monstrous, Valorous, Raging, Courageous, Champion's, Warrior's, Raiding, Giant, Mighty, Overwhelming
Affix Rare Sufffix Name
Killer, Demolisher, Slayer, Demise, Destroyer, Thrasher, Blitz, Invasion, Breaker, Tribute, Apocalypse, Havoc, Onslaught, Carnage, Ravager, Gear, Crusher, Harbinger, Brawler, Riot